The Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center (BNAC) supports undergraduate and graduate students in mastering the fundamentals of medicine, neuroscience, MRI physics and quantitative MRI analysis in preclinical and clinical models of demyelinating disorders and other neurological diseases.

Since its inception in 2000, BNAC has actively sought out ways to engage and foster students, both locally and internationally. BNAC faculty have taught and mentored students with strikingly diverse backgrounds who had different educational needs, but the common denominator between them has been an incredible enthusiasm for better understanding the ways in which imaging technology can help understand the workings of the human brain, both in disease and in health, including clinical and preclinical research. Since then, BNAC faculty have mentored or co-mentored 17 PhD students, 25 MSc students, 40 MD students, 22 undergraduate students, 38 neuroimaging fellows, and over 150 neurology residents. 

We are extremely proud of what these students have accomplished under BNAC’s mentorship. Many of these young students, fellows and residents became respected researchers and clinicians in their own right, leaders at their relative Institutions and beyond, nationally and internationally. In almost any part of the globe, BNAC faculty can meet someone who has been connected with our research at UB and worked under our  mentorship. We have have had the honor to work with over 300 students, fellows, and residents from extremely diverse backgrounds, with unique learning styles and abilities. 


To inquire about studying with the BNAC or helping with our research projects, please Contact Us.