BNAC Marck Stecker Award


The Marc Stecker Award has been created in honor of Marc Stecker and in recognition of the role he plays in educating people with Multiple Sclerosis about the disease and in explaining complex research in an effective way. He is a founding member of the BNAC Advisory Board Council and a faithful supporter of research into the causes and cures for multiple sclerosis for many years.

This one-time, non-renewable award will be given bi-annually beginning in 2020 as determined by the Awards Committee.



The applicant must be either a BNAC full-time employee, PhD student, master's student, undergraduate student, research fellow, or consultant to BNAC who has been working with BNAC for at least one  year. Must be nominated by a BNAC research associate or a member of the BNAC Advisory Council. Must possess these qualities exemplified by Marc Stecker:

  • An ability to communicate neurological research to a non-medical audience in a simple and understandable manner
  • Persistence, courage, and a willingness to pursue scientific ideas that are not necessarily part of the mainstream
  • Demonstrated committment to understanding the perspective of the MS patient and incorporating these ideas in the design of research and outcomes.

Nominations for this award are to be made in writing to Dr. Robert Zivadinov at BNAC. They will be reviewed by the awards committee on a bi-annual basis.