For over twenty years Buffalo Neuroimaging has conducted independent research to advance the understanding of multiple sclerosis, seek better treatments, and to find a cure.

We are grateful to the hundreds of people with MS, their families, and many others who have provided funding for this research. In response to an outpouring of private support in 2011 we created an Advisory Council comprised of people with MS and others who have a deep and personal or professional understanding of the disease. The Council helps guide and advance our work in several ways:

Informing our research decisions by letting us know what aspects of MS are most important to pwMS (people with MS). As an example, the Council was influential in our decision to pursue the study of the role of the Epstein-Barr virus in MS which resulted in many publications in important journals.

Interpreting our work for the MS community. Members of the Council prepared this Patient-Reported Outcomes Summary of an important Buffalo Neuroimaging 2023 study about the difference between how pwMS describe their disease progression and how they are reported using existing outcome measurement tools and why these discrepancies may exist. Click the link to read the summary, the paper published by Dr. Dejan Jakimovski, and watch a video interview conducted by the Council with Dr. Jakimovski.

Broadcasting our work to their networks and friends.

Providing financial support for our research and encouraging others to provide support. Through the Council and their friends and families we have raised over $500,000 for the CASA-MS study, our current top independent research priority.

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