Marc Stecker Award

This award of at least $1,000 will be made periodically from the Marc Stecker Fund for Multiple Sclerosis and is given in honor of Marc Stecker, a founding member of the BNAC Advisory Council and a faithful supporter of research into the causes of and cures for multiple sclerosis. The next award is expected to be made in 2021.



The applicant must meet at least one of these criteria:

  • Full- or part-time BNAC employee for at least one year
  • Candidate for PhD, Masters or undergraduate degree
  • Research Fellow
  • BNAC consultant

Applications must include an explanation of how the nominee is:

  • Willing to pursue ideas that are not necessarily part of the mainstream of multiple sclerosis research
  • Taking an approach to research that incorporates patient-centered concerns and outcomes
  • Able to communicate about MS research to a non-medical audience in a readily understandable manner


Applications may be sent directly to [email protected]  by the applicant or by any BNAC research associate or BNAC Advisory Council member on behalf of an applicant.



Applications due to Director October 1st of year in which the award will be given

Review by BNAC Director and Research Committee:  October

Announcement: November