Patty Picco

Since her diagnosis of RRMS in November 2001, Patty has been applying her knowledge of conventional and alternative therapies to maintain disease stability. Her education and interests are in healthcare, specifically, functional medicine, wellness and nutrition.  In 2009, she learned about BNAC’s groundbreaking research on the implications of CCSVI in MS and during that time was invited to join the advisory council.


Patty’s work and knowledge lies in Project Management. She spent fifteen years employed at Citibank, mostly, in the international private banking division and then moved onto private consulting.  She has completed many corporate build outs and has fond memories of being part of the team on the construction of the Citicorp Center building in 1977.  Unfortunately, MS now prevents her from commuting into New York but Patty, along with her husband John, has been involved in many building restorations and commercial real estate projects in CT.  Together they live in Wilton, CT where they raised two children, Jonathan and Emily.  Patty enjoys her volunteer work at Mid-Fairfield Nursing and Hospice where she uses her studies in gerontology and end of life care to help those in need.