Katherine Sacca, EdD

Dr. Sacca joined the Advisory Council in 2016. She has been reviewing multiple sclerosis scientific, peer-reviewed literature since her diagnosis with MS in 1988. At the time, the prognosis for MS patients was very bleak, with life expectancy estimated to end at 60. Despite progressive symptoms, KC was able to work an additional 23 years in the field of education where she worked as a SUNY full professor, a recipient of the distinguished Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching for the State University of New York. She also worked as a school district administrator, a special education teacher, and wrote and worked on several federal and state research grants, including the position of Principal Investigator/Director on a nationally competitive federal grant.

KC is a founding member of the Board of Directors of Advancing Research in MS. ARMS endorses specific MS studies and raises funds for the research. She and her husband Gerald raised their family in Lockport, NY and now shuttle back and forth from the Los Angeles area. KC was inspired to join the Advisory Council to expand her knowledge about more about current MS imaging research and to help encourage studies that incorporate patient participation and perspective. “Patient-oriented outcomes studies in medicine have had some notable results as patients collaborate with the medical professionals to select research topics, help fine-tune the study designs and participate in dissemination of results. I am enthusiastically impressed that BNAC is seeking input from the Advisory Council about future endeavors.”