Craig Walters

Craig Walters is a retired yacht designer from Connecticut who became captivated by sailboats during summer youth programs that led to a decades-long career designing racing and cruising sailing craft with firms in Florida, New York, and Connecticut. From his interests in protecting the marine environment, Craig developed a series of electric and hybrid powered pleasure boats in the 1990’s and has written and lectured about yacht design.

After earning a BSBA degree from Bucknell University in 1968, Craig served for several years as an Army Combat Engineer Officer in then-West Germany where he experienced his initial symptoms of MS in 1970. Craig was diagnosed with RRMS in 1975, and for decades has experienced atypically slow progression that is now described as both Benign and Secondary Progressive. In 2010 he became interested in Dr. Zivadinov’s research at the University of Buffalo and recently rejoined BNAC’s Advisory Council following a five-year hiatus.

Craig and his wife, Georgia, enjoy spending time with their Brady-Bunch four children and seven grandchildren in Connecticut, Oregon, and Australia.