The Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center (BNAC) provides comprehensive medical imaging clinical core lab services including overall leadership, project management, imaging charter development, image acquisition protocols, imaging site qualification training and management, patient scan transfer and quality control and radiology review.

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The Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center (BNAC) provides comprehensive preclinical core lab services including overall leadership, project management, housing and induction of preclinical models, behavioral testing, creation and execution of image acquisition and analysis protocols, immunology and histology examinations and quality control.

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Advancing the Science of Neurological Disease, Neuroimaging Methodology, and Translational Bioinformatics

BNAC’s widely published and experienced team performs pre-clinical and all four phases of clinical trials, device trials, and translational research using innovative MRI imaging, Artificial Intelligence, and the world’s largest MRI scan dataset.

Our specialization in key neurological disease therapeutic areas combined with our academic model means that research sponsors have everyday access to highly-cited scientists in highly collaborative, responsive, and transparent engagements. Our experience and expertise in both therapeutic areas as well as neuroimaging methodologies often streamline and strengthen the trial approach.

BNAC collaboration begins with your access to our talented team, led by Robert Zivadinov, MD, Ph.D., who has served as Director of the Center since 2003 and continues in his role as Professor of Neurology at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. BNAC researchers have over 500 peer-reviewed articles with more than 20,000 citations.

We have delivered over 90 clinical trials, over two thirds of which advanced our understanding of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke. Other therapeutic areas include concussion, Lupus, cognition, and additional neurological diseases and disorders.

Our real-world translational approaches help determine predictivity of biomarkers, interactions between the nervous and cardiovascular systems and their relationship to neurodegenerative disease and aging, as well as clinical, MRI, and genetic correlates.

As important as our Investigator-Initiated and sponsor-funded trials in specific therapeutic areas, are our pivotal device trials, insights and discoveries in neuroimaging modalities, and continuous development of MRI-PET image acquisition and analysis protocols. We co-develop, execute, and report AI, PET, real-world translational research, biomarkers, and other quantitative bioinformatic studies.

Under Dr. Robert Zivadinov’s leadership, BNAC has secured nearly $50 million in funding from a wide variety of sponsors including most of the world’s pharmaceutical leaders, government agencies including the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Defense. We enjoy a long history of collaboration with universities in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, and partner with CRO organizations worldwide. Our network of 450 research/lab centers spans 60 countries.

BNAC’s commitment to academic integrity is matched by our commitment to quality. We are ISO 9001:2015-certified and our SOPs are compliant with CFR-21 Part 11 and ICH. Disciplined procedures enable BNAC to manage multiple projects with tens of thousands of scans in full compliance with all relevant standards and regulations.

We invite you to learn more about our Core Lab and our Pre-clinical capabilities as you determine the most scientifically advanced, time-sensitive, and cost-effective path in moving your research or product development ahead. We look forward to peer-level discussion of the opportunities you are exploring.