After receiving all the results from a clinical trial, the Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center offers additional support through our post-trial services. Through post-analysis data processing and publications and report dissemination, our team can successfully bring a clinical trial to completion. Learn more about our post-trial services below.


Post-Analysis Data Processing

The BNAC computes a variety of conventional and non-conventional qualitative and quantitative brain imaging measurements: estimates of T2-, T1-, gadolinium-enhancing lesion volumes, lesion activity analysis and calculation of global and regional magnetization transfer ratio, diffusion weighted and tensor imaging measurements, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, computerized tomography, magnetic resonance and digital subtraction angiography, functional imaging, perfusion and atrophy imaging indices, and spinal cord and optic nerve imaging.


Publications and Report Dissemination

BNAC is committed to high quality research and generating top level publications in the field. Its many existing peer-reviewed publications, books and book chapters reflect this high-quality research activity. Consequently, BNAC requests authorship for its participating staff on any papers originating from the proposed imaging services. 

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