Scores of BNAC Alumni Invited to Reconnect and Explore Collaboration

Scores of BNAC Alumni Invited to Reconnect and Explore Collaboration Image

On a Jan. 14, 2022 video conference, 25 former BNAC researchers, students, and employees gathered from locations around the world for the inaugural meeting of the BNAC Alumni Association. The meeting was hosted by Center Director Robert Zivadinov, MD, PhD, and three volunteer co-chairs—Tereza Gabelić, MD, PhD, Eleonora Tavazzi, MD, and Mihael Varosanec, MD. Alumni were on the line from 12 countries and their experiences at BNAC spanned many different chapters in the 22-year history of the Center.

Throughout the course of a lively discussion among BNAC’s diverse alumni community, each participant shared a story about how their experience at BNAC had figured into, advanced, or, in some cases, inspired their career trajectory. Today, in addition to neurology researchers, their titles include MDs, scientific fellow, stroke director, sonographer, professors and assistant professors, and even an aerospace experimental psychologist.

Zivadinov noted that, in addition to the joy of reconnecting with former colleagues and friends, he expects the group will find many opportunities to collaborate in the future.

“While not everyone has continued in the field,” said Zivadinov, “many have continued their research and now are in roles where renewed collaboration could be fruitful and exciting.”

Co-chair Tavazzi offered a perspective shared by many in the group. “I am very grateful,” she said, “for this opportunity and it is a very good idea because we share something in common; a very productive experience [at BNAC]. That has now given us the opportunity to get in touch and collaborate. I think it’s great that we can meet and share experiences and the competencies that we have right now. It will lead to collaborations and opportunities for all of us.”

Scores of researchers, educators, technicians, doctors, and others share months or years as members of the team at the Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center. Since 2000, BNAC faculty have mentored hundreds of MD and PhD candidates, neuroimaging fellows, neurology residents, MSc students, and undergraduates.


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