Liliana Marceanu

Ms. Macreanu is President of Home Textiles, Inc., a Toronto-based business she started 21 years ago. As an importer and distributor of linens and textiles, she travels the world. Liliana was initially diagnosed in 2008 with Radiologically Isolated Syndrome (RIS). Even though she had no classical MS symptoms, the diagnosis came as a shock and changed her perspective on life in many ways. Her diagnosis ushered her into a difficult time of adjustment. It was a time she refers to as the “What if I wake up and can’t move” period of her life. Determined to do whatever she could to stop the progression of lesions in her brain, she traveled to China for stem cell implant treatments. The treatment succeeded in improving her vision but she was not content to stop there. Liliana had begun following the work of Dr. Robert Zivadinov. She traveled to Buffalo in late 2009 to meet Dr. Zivadinov and to offer support for his MS research which she continues to support. Liliana lives in Toronto with her family and two lively German shepherd dogs. She enjoys summers in her garden, planting vegetables. “Since the day I was diagnosed, I have spent a lot of time learning about this disease. It also makes me appreciate every day and enjoy it the best that I can. I have a lot of fun doing what I do in my work and hope to be able to continue traveling the world for many years. I am honored to join the BNAC Advisory Council.”