The goal of the Clinical Research Unit is the application of new scanning protocols that will be applied in clinical routine and research projects. This unit is composed of two subunits: Clinical Trials and Research Imaging. These subunits are responsible for all BNAC routine and experimental scanning needs and internal or external ongoing research projects to scan acquisitions and clinical trials. Two MRI technologists and an additional MRI physicist serve as consultants on a regular basis.


The goal of the Clinical Trial Subunit is the application of quantified imaging techniques in order to better understand the efficacy of different therapies in treating a variety of neurological diseases. In chronic neurological diseases with a high degree of longitudinal variability in clinical signs and symptoms within and between patients, there are at present no current adequate biological markers of disease progression. Thus, quantitative imaging techniques serve as powerful instruments for non-invasive evaluation. Different quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) markers are assessed upon diagnosis and monitored over time to determine any changes.


The overall goal of the Research Imaging Subunit is to develop and investigate the value and application of a variety of newer conventional and non-conventional quantitative MRI techniques. These methods may provide a better understanding of the pathogenesis of a variety of inflammatory and neurodegenerative neurological diseases.