The Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center (BNAC) represents a multidisciplinary organization that includes a staff of more than 20 employees with different scientific, educational, and ethnic backgrounds. Within the organization there are several faculty members of whom one is a Professor of Neurology. In addition to the BNAC Director, BNAC Senior Staff includes the Directors of Technical Imaging and MRI Sequence Development. General BNAC staff includes the following positions: Integration Director, Research Physicist, MRI Software Engineer, Senior Biostatistician and Research Scientist, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Clinical Trial Manager/Sr. Clinical Trial Research Assistant, Senior Research Support Specialist/MRI Technologist, Preclinical Lab Manager, Clinical Trial Neuroimager/Sr. Clinical Trial Research Assistant, Clinical Trial Research Assistant, Senior Administrative Assistant and Administrative Assistant.
In addition, a Training Record Manager/Document Manager manages BNAC standard operating procedures on a part-time basis. Two certified clinical neuroimagers and two MRI technicans collaborate with BNAC on a part-time basis. In addition to BNAC’s formal staff, the staff of the Neuropsychology Unit includes a Director of the Unit and Fellows. This Unit works in collaboration with BNAC in different areas of neurological research. BNAC staff also includes Research Scholars, who participate in one or more of the center’s research projects by bringing expertise and knowledge to BNAC’s research activities.