mri-seminar.jpgMRI SEMINAR PROGRAM

Launched in 2004, the MRI Seminar Program provides a comprehensive and cohesive overview of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and its use as a clinical tool in managing a variety of neurological disorders, with focus on multiple sclerosis (MS).

The program is organized as a one-day seminar and is open to neurologists and MS specialists, neuroradiologists, physicians, residents, medical students, research scholars, and pharmacy industry representatives. Content is continually assessed and updated to better meet clinicians’ needs. Currently, the program is held at the Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center (BNAC) at regular intervals throughout the year. More than 350 health care providers and 100 industry representatives attended the seminar since 2004.

The Seminar extends over a one-day session with meals and refreshments provided. Financial support for the program is provided through an educational grant that covers all production and staging costs of the Seminar. The grant also provides funding for accommodations as well as travel expenses of attendees. Each attendee receives a 3-ring binder that includes handouts of all Seminar materials as well as a CD with all the slides used in each of the presentations. Enrollment is limited to ten per Seminar to allow a more interactive experience. Potential attendees are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Assistance with travel arrangements is available and reimbursement forms are provided for airfare and incidental expenses.

Topics covered during the presentations are intended to provide a solid overview of the use of magnetic resonance imaging in multiple sclerosis. A sample agenda would include the following:

  1. Principles of MRI Physics and Basics of Quantified MRI Analysis Techniques
  2. Inflammatory MRI Measures in MS
  3. Application of MRI Measures in Diagnosis and Prognosis of MS
  4. Role of MRI in Imaging of the Myelin Damage in MS
  5. CNS atrophy and Black Holes as Neurodegenerative Measures in MS
  6. Role of MRI in Imaging of Axonal Damage in MS

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