Following is a list of the Buffalo Analysis Neuroimaging Center (BNAC) research funds for which donations are welcomed:


Neuroimaging Fellowship Fund
This is a general research BNAC neuroimaging fund for support of research fellowships at BNAC in duration of 6 to 24 months. The research includes studies on novel magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), optical coherence tomography (OCT) and Doppler ultrasound techniques in multiple sclerosis, aging and other neurologic diseases. The research is performed under the supervision of Dr. Robert Zivadinov.


Cardiovascular-Environment-Genetic 5 years Study Fund
The goal of this study is to identify over a 5-year period, the role of cardiovascular, environmental and genetic risk factors and their interactions with respect to radiological and clinical progression in clinically isolated syndrome and multiple sclerosis patients, as compared to subjects with no neurological disease and patients with other neurological diseases. For more details about the study watch video here.


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Gifts by check

Please make your check payable to
 University at Buffalo Foundation. In the “For” section at the bottom of your check, indicate for which research fund, the check should be allocated.


Mail your check to:
University at Buffalo Foundation – Center for Tomorrow
P.O. Box 900
Buffalo, NY 14226-0730


Many people outside the U.S. find this is a convenient way to donate. Please contact Cynthia Johannes , Director of Constituent Records & Revenue , UB Foundation at or (716) 645-8720 for instructions.


Gifts to the University at Buffalo are deductible according to IRS regulations. For a copy of the University’s audited financial information, contact Cynthia Johannes, Director of Constituent Records & Revenue, UB Foundation at or (716) 645-3013


Your gift is vitally important to BNAC’s ability to continue this GROUND-BREAKING RESEARCH.



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