Our experienced staff provides top-quality service by using state-of-the art and innovative technology. In chronic neurological diseases with a high degree of longitudinal variability in clinical signs and symptoms within and between patients, there are at present no current adequate biological markers of disease progression. Thus, quantitative imaging techniques serve as powerful instruments for non-invasive evaluation. Different quantitative MRI markers are tracked (i.e., assessed upon diagnosis and monitored over time) to determine any changes. Since its inception, BNAC research projects have involved collaborations with a variety of clinicians, scientists, and pharmaceutical industries pursuing the use of qualitative and quantitative MRI to study brain disorders.

Our services are tailored to meet the requirements of each clinical trial and the needs of the study sponsor. The more detailed overview of clinical trial services is provided in a separate document and is briefly listed here below:

  • Personnel Training
  • Trial Design Assistance
  • MRI Protocol and Technologist Manual Development
  • Trial Design Assistance
  • MRI Protocol and Technologist Manual Development
  • Dummy Run Scan Assistance Program
  • Clinical Trial Call Center
  • Scan Acceptance Assistance Program
  • MRI Outcome Measures Calculations
  • MRI Status Reports and Compliance Documentation
  • Secure Electronic Data Transfer
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Post-Analysis Data Processing
  • Publications and Report Dissemination