bnac-main-laboratory.jpgMRI ANALYSIS UNIT

The purpose of the MRI Analysis Unit is to apply the BNAC’s quantitative imaging techniques in clinical trials, research studies and clinical routine practice. The Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Report (QMRIR) developed at the BNAC is the first quantitative report of its kind in the world being produced for multiple sclerosis on a routine clinical basis. Currently, QMRIRs are generated for patients with MS. These reports evaluate quantitative MRI data of T2 and T1 lesion volumes, brain atrophy, and diffusion-weighted imaging

The BNAC Director
serves as Director of the Unit, and the Unit includes a Clinical Trial Manager/Sr. Clinical Trial Research Assistant, a Clinical Trial Neuroimager/Sr Clinical Trial Research Assistant and 2 Clinical Trial Research Assistants.